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Post COVID Grant opportunities to help businesses

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Post COVID Grant opportunities to help businesses

Extra Funds to Help with Electric Bills: LIHEAP Supplemental

Starting this week, your constituents enrolled in LIHEAP within the last twelve months will start to receive a one-time payment in their utility accounts to help with unpaid bills or future costs. Around 227,000 Illinois households already enrolled in LIHEAP will receive about $36 million in federal funds. No action is required from you or your constituents. Thank 

Workforce Grant: Apprenticeship Expansion Program

What: The objective of this NOFO is to diversify apprenticeship programs and find innovative ways of employing the apprenticeship model to meet the needs of businesses, resulting in a total of 750 new registered apprenticeship programs by the end of 2024. It is Illinois’ goal to use this NOFO to increase apprenticeship opportunities for historically underrepresented populations.

Potential Applicants: Both public and private organizations that have the ability to grow apprenticeship programs are eligible.

How Much: Potentially 30 grants ranging between $75k and $350k. Up to $5.5 million in total grant funding.

Deadline: August 24th, 2021

Apply: Application materials are here.


Federal Grants

SBA Veteran Outreach Program

What: Organizations can apply for a grant to deliver their existing veteran federal procurement entrepreneurial training program to veteran-owned small businesses who intend to pursue or already engaged in federal procurement.

Potential Applicants: Non-profit organization or private sector firm

How Much: Up to $500,000, average of $250,000/award

Deadline: July 12, 2021

Apply: Grants.Gov


NEA American Rescue Plan Grants to Organizations

What: The National Endowment of Arts funding will support day-to-day operating costs. Awards are intended to impact a broad constituency, including organizations that serve populations that are underserved. The Arts Endowment funding is available through two separate competitive opportunities: Grants to Organizations and Grants to Local Arts Agencies for Subgranting.

Potential Applicants: Nonprofits, institutions of higher education, and units of state or local government. Applicants may be arts organizations, local arts agencies, arts service organizations, local education agencies (school districts), and other organizations that can help advance the goals of the Arts Endowment.

How Much: $50,000-150,000

Deadline: August 12, 2021

Apply: Grants.Gov


NIST Manufacturing USA Technology Roadmap (MfgTech) Grant Program

What: Grants from the  National Institute of Standards and Technology will develop technology roadmaps for promising advanced manufacturing clusters by establishing new or strengthening existing industry-driven consortia that address high-priority research challenges to grow advanced manufacturing in the U.S. The emphasis of this NOFO is on technology roadmapping in areas of critical interest to the nation, including technology areas appropriate for potential future Manufacturing USA institutes.

Potential Applicants: Nearly every type of organization: non-profit, for-profit, units of government.

How Much: $300,000

Deadline: August 17, 2021

Apply: Grants.Gov