Welcome to the Cicero Chamber of Commerce

There are 1,091 licensed businesses in the Town of Cicero and we strive to be the liaison between our business members and the Town of Cicero, to encourage cooperation and support.

If you are a licensed business in the Town of Cicero, we welcome your participation and membership.

The new Cicero Chamber of Commerce is being sponsored during its initial launch to help create a support network for businesses in the Town of Cicero. The Chamber appreciates the support it has received from Cicero Town President Larry Dominick and the Town of CIcero Board as we organize to revive the Chamber and to allow its members to takeover in the near future.

Cicero Chamber of Commerce events are intended to strengthen businesses and help them succeed through knowledge and networking, which in turns builds a stronger and healthier community for all of our residents.


We welcome your inquiries and attendance at our events.

For more information, please email CiceroChamberofCommerce@gmail.com.